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Welcome to Lash Tavern Training!

Welcome! This lesson is to give you a brief overview of what you will experience throughout your coursework through the Volume Eyelash Training & Certification.

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Below you will find samples of elements that are included throughout the lessons you will experience:

Video Tutorials

Here is a sample of the video tutorials you can expect throughout the course.

Visualization Graphics

Here is a sample of the visualization graphics you can expect throughout the course.

Notification Blocks

Here is a sample of the notification blocks you can expect throughout the course.

This is a practice block. It will give you instructions on how to apply your newly learned skills and knowledge.


This is a reminder block and will include important reminders throughout the course.


This is a fact/tip block and will be used to emphasis important facts.

You will also find this assistance block at the end of every lesson where you can reach out for help via live chat, text or email support and work directly with one of our master trainers.

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