Finding the Right Tweezer

Finding the right pair of tweezers is imperative when learning the volume method. For this reason, we have included multiple pairs of volume tweezers in your kit so you can decide which type works for you.

Each type of tweezer has a different ‘sweet spot’, or the exact point on the tweezer foot that grips and holds onto the extension. Some tweezers have larger sweet spots than others. This can vary from tweezer to tweezer even within the same type. You will find in volume lashing that you may go through several pairs of tweezers before settling on your one favorite pair. Purchasing only tweezers that are hand-tested for the volume method, will help you to avoid extra costs in finding that perfect pair.

The following video shows you a brief summary on the tweezer types that are included in your kit.

Correct Tweezer Hold

Learning how to hold your tweezers correctly is important for several reasons. Holding them incorrectly can cause muscle fatigue and even carpal tunnel. The pressure of an incorrect hold can also unbalance your tweezers and leave them unusable over time. Holding your tweezers correctly allows for the fine motor movements needed to tweak your pressure slightly when making your fans. Unbalanced pressure can reduce this ability. Reference to the images below to see the difference in a correct and an incorrect tweezer hold, along with the drawbacks of not learning the correct way.

The following video shows both incorrect and correct tweezer holds, as well as how to practice your tweezer grip and muscle memory.


Remember to use your thumb and ring finger as your main points of pressure.

Practice holding your tweezers correctly by holding them between your thumb and ring finger only. Do not use the other fingers. Practice switching between palming your tweezers and this hold so it comes more naturally.

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