What is Volume Lashing?

What is Volume Lashing?

Volume lashing originated in Russia and is a safe technique to give your clients more volume than classic lashing. Classic lashing limits the technician to applying one extension to one natural lash while volume lashing allows for multiple, fine diameter extensions to be applied to each natural lash. This method results in a beautiful, fluffy, and full coverage set.

The volume method includes a multiple lash pickup technique and manipulating those extensions into a fan shape. Because the extensions used are ultra-lightweight, they can actually be healthier for your clients’ lashes than classic lashing.

Originally Volume Lashing was coined as Russian Volume, as an homage to its origin. As it has become more mainstream, it has also been termed as:

  • Volume lashes
  • Hollywood volume
  • American Volume
  • Mega Volume (a type of volume lashing using a large quantity of extensions per natural lash)

In this course, we will be referring to this technique as volume lashing.

Why Learn Volume?

There are many benefits to learning volume lashing:
The ability to increase volume for clients who are unable to achieve it with classic lashing, specifically clients who have naturally sparse or fragile lashes
High client demand
It is a natural progression in your lash career. After learning classic and advanced techniques, volume is the next obvious step for increasing your skills.
Increase your revenue. The skill of volume lashing demands a higher price for your services because of client demand as well as your skill.

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