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“The lessons were so organized and well thought out. I was so excited for the feedback I received when I got my certification. I have been taking clients full time since and Lash Tavern is to thank!”
Amanda K. – Phoenix, Arizona (Esthetician)


“I took an in class course 3 years ago and decided to take this course as a refresher. I am shocked with how much I didn’t learn before that has made me such a better lasher now! “
Samantha Roland – Houston, Texas (Cosmetologist)


“I am so beyond thrilled! I can’t imagine there being a more comprehensive class. And the kit I received was by far beyond anything I found available from other educators.”
Kris Hamm – Easton, New Jersey (Cosmetologist)

Experience Matters!

Our Lash Tavern training course has been perfected over 6 years of in person education and experience with over 46 years of combined experience between our educators. Offering the best and most compehensive online course possible.

Classic Education

Volume Education

Eyelash Extension Training. 24/7 Online Learning.

An Intro To

Eyelash extension training for Licensed estheticians and cosmetologists to learn the art of eyelash extensions using our proprietary learning system. Log in to access either our full classic or volume eyelash extension training course and track your progress from the comfort of your home. Receive individual support for all your questions directly from a master lash technician via email, our live chat or text message. At the end of your course work, submit your certification test to receive your Lash Tavern certification. Everything you need to succeed!

What’s Included

Lash Tavern Education Kit

We will ship you your Lash Tavern Education Kit in withtin 1 business day of your enrollment. Both our classic and volume kits come with everything you need to complete the course and start taking clients.

Structured Coursework

We have a very clear path for you to follow throughout your training. This involves animated images, videos, text, practicing your technique, chapter quizzes and a final certification exam.

24/7 Online Course Access

Complete online access during enrollment AND after graduation for future reference.

One-on-one Support

From your first day you will have access to our support team of master lash technicians. If you have any questions you can email, chat or text our team and we will be happy to help, even after graduation!

Lash Technician Certification

Upon completion of all coursework you will have the opportunity to take our final certification exam. Once you pass that exam, you will receive your digital Lash Tavern Technician Certification for you to print and frame to show your hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist

Most states require a cosmetology or esthetics license to practice eyelash extensions and we adhere to these regulations. The appropriate license WILL BE REQUIRED to receive certification at the completion of this course. This is your responsibility and no refund will be offered once course access has been given, despite license status. For complete details, please review our course requirements page.

Do I need to take the classic education course before the volume course?

Taking our classic education course is not required to take the volume course. HOWEVER experience, a strong understanding and proficiency in classic lashing is required to take the volume course. The volume course does not cover lashing basics that are covered in the classic course, all things required to succeed as a volume lash artist.

Will I become a certified lash technician

At the conclusion of your coursework you will have the opportunity to take our certification exam. This will include answering questions as well as supplying specific pictures and videos to be reviewed by our educators. Once passing and completing the exam you will earn your Lash Technician Certification. 

*Important note: You MUST have a valid cosmetology or aestheticians licensed to receive certification. Details here.

What is the cost

Education courses start at $175 and final price depends on the kit you choose. Get our dual enrollment discount with our Classic/Volume combo.

How long is the course

The amount of time you spend in this course will be completely dependent on you and your own personal pace. When we teach this course in person it is done in 2 – 8 hour days and includes all practicing and course reviews. There are over 40 lessons and 20 quizzes in this course.

Are there any added costs

No. The initial price you pay is the complete price for all course content, materials, certification and shipping.

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